Sonic Fuel Embarks On A Self-Empowering Journey “I Will Rise”

The human spirit of persistence

Photo: PR courtesy

Tennessee-based rock band Sonic Fuel taps into the human spirit of persistence in their latest single “I Will Rise.” Peppered with elements of punk, “I Will Rise’ is a rock ballad that is characterized with blazing riffs and heartfelt lyrics that ruminates on the absence of someone. There is a hypnotic grit to it as Sonic Fuel offers mantric phrases that are self-empowering. “No one can see the fire that’s inside of me / And I know I’m gonna rise again” sings frontman David Hales. “I Will Rise” serves as a survival anthem for those coping with loss as the smashing beats fuel you with a cascade of adrenaline that capture the energy needed to move past it. Melodically, it’s a banging rock piece that also remind you of early 00s punk heyday.Enjoy:

On the new single, frontman Hales shared: “When someone you love decides to end their life abruptly and leave you behind, it is nothing short of devastating. ‘I Will Rise’ is an expression of determination; a cry out to the world that the darkness someone left you writhing in will soon be a thing of the past.”

Founded in 2019 by Hales, Sonic Fuel takes influences from other iconic rockers like Foo Fighters, Tonic, Alter Bridge and many more. The band will be sharing more singles and an album in the upcoming months, so stay tuned.