Geoff Gibbons Takes Us On A Melodic Existential Ride In “Keep On Driving”

Folk rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Vancouver-based artist Geoff Gibbons reflects on our longing for freedom in this weird era we live in his latest single “Keep On Driving.” Layered twinkling strings and smooth beats, “Keep On Driving” is a woozy, soul-rooted soundscape where Geoff’s gruff vocals propel forward. There is a whooshing fluidity within the rhythm, capturing the passing traffic and wind that washes us as we drive limitlessly. “If I keep on driving out to somewhere / Just keep on driving” chants Geoff.  The raw riffs bounce as they morph into a midtempo road groove that channel the restlessness and desire to be unrestrained. Hit play:

Speaking of his new single, Geoff said:

“In these times of uncertainty ‘Keep On Driving’ is a longing for freedom. Caught in the well-worn circle of day to day survival…I wondered what would happen if I didn’t turn in the driveway and just kept going. It speaks to life in general.. The smallest move or gesture can completely change the direction of a life. We forget we have control over those moves every minute.. as fear and comfort often hold us where we are.”

Geoff has been a lifelong musician and producer-engineer who started his career at a young age. Geoff has played in various bands including Silverlode, which he formed with his friend. During his time at Silverlode, he has performed with Emmylou Harris, the McGarrigle Sisters, David Crosby, and more. Geoff launched his new solo project, Buffalo Hotel,  back in 2017 and gained critical acclaim for it. For the past recent years, Geoff has worked with esteemed producer John MacArthur Ellis and has released various singles. Keep Geoff under your radar for more beats.