If You’re Overcrying In The Shower Or Talking To Plants, Play Family Of Things’ “YKB”

It will teach you how to feel human again

Photo: PR courtesy

As 2020 moves on painfully slow, we all seem to be losing some of our humanity within the isolation and confinements of our home. If you’re going insane – and by insane, we mean sobbing like a toddler in the shower or engaging in deep convos with your fern – then it’s time to take a break and listen to Family of Things’ latest single “YKB.” Through their new banger, the Canadian duo sends a message of hope and perseverance as they remind us how to be human again. Hit that play button:

On their single, the duo shared: “‘YKB’ is a testament to finding pathways to a brighter and kinder future, and quickly. Once the dust settles, when the high fades and the worry subsides, we can rebuild what it means to be human again and what it means to love fully.”

“YKB” is the follow up of their album Oscilloscope and a taste of their upcoming deluxe record. Keep your eyes out for more news from the duo in the upcoming months.