Nana Adjoa Pays Homage To Her Ghanaian Roots In “No Room”

From upcoming debut album ‘Big Dreaming Ants’

Photo: Robbert Doelwijt Jr.

Sharing her Ghanaian roots while also exploring family dynamics, Nana Adjoa’s new video “No Room” is a portrait of one’s identity that is shaped by the culture one has inherited. In “No Room,” we see Nana building her own sense of self by incorporating what she’s been gifted with – her ethnic roots, family values – and what she’s discovered – in this case, her love for music. Taken from her upcoming debut album Big Dreaming Ants, out on September 24th, “No Room” is a lush piece of deep reflection and self-love:

On the video, Creative Director Rudy Asibey commented:

“The vision was to bring Nana’s duality in culture and music together. Her name stands for so much more in Ghanaian culture. Nana means king/queen and Adjoa is her day name (Monday) which stands for peacemaker. For me, Nana’s music is a journey to finding the answers to life. Nana guides us with music to help us find those answers. I wanted to bring that journey to life in the visuals. In this video we see more of her Ghanaian culture and a journey to finding self— even though people want to put you in a box or want you to become someone else. In the end, she chooses herself. As Nana’s name represents, I hope her music guides people to choose for themselves, to learn more about their heritage in order to gain learnings from heritage and grow. Especially in these times, it is important to know where you’re from, in order to know where you’re going. We could all use a peacemaker.”

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