Jimkata Takes Us Pseudo Paradise In New Video “Wanna Go”

And it’s gold

Photo: PR courtesy

Nowadays we are more prone to social media intoxication than ever where our perception of reality gets highly messed up by all the photoshopped content flashingon our screens. Jimkata dissects this issue in new funky smasher “Wanna Go,” a groove bomb that sends you swirling fireworks to your reward system. “But I just can’t tell what is real / Missin out on a false paradise,” chants Jinkata. Directed by ROV, the video features the members in a surreal living room that gradually gets disintegrated:

Speaking of the single, the trio explained, “It took on an extra layer of meaning for us after the pandemic began and we all started quarantining, stuck in our houses and apartments, staring into our phones, longing for a different world and becoming overly acquainted with our immediate surroundings.”

Jimkata is comprised of middle school friends Evan Friedell, Aaron Gorsch and Packy Lunn and is named after the 1985 gym-fu caper Gymkata. They’re based out of Ithaca and Los Angeles, where they’re probably songsmithing more beats wearing golden jackets.