Lionel Boy Quenches Our Wanderlust With New Video “Lately”

A track about ambivalent feelings

Still from Lionel Boy - Lately (Official Video)

Still from Lionel Boy – Lately (Official Video)

Lionel Boy takes us flying through the ombre skies in his new video “Lately” where he captures the radiating glow of nature and endless freedom of being outdoors. It’s a paradisiacal visual feast where we get torn between beauty and melancholia at the same time. “There was one-week last year (2019) where it just rained in Long Beach and it was then that I wrote ‘Lately.’ There was rain, fog, gloom, smoke, monotony, and I guess I subconsciously aimed to recreate that feeling through music. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I was feelin some type of way,” explained Lionel Boy. Hit play:

On making the video, Lionel shared:

“Two summers ago, Casey (Lui Liu) and I drove up the Oregon coast to visit some friends in Seattle. We documented our drive with the intention of making a music video for a completely different project but the clips didn’t end up working. Nearly a year later, when I had just finished demoing “Lately” from home, Casey decided to mess around with the old footage to the song. She threw up a 20-second clip on Instagram for fun that we pretty much forgot about until the single‘s release this past June. With not much else to do on lock down, we decided to play around one more time. We had all of these random clips of Casey running or kicking sand and I guess I spent 5 minutes filming a flying kite. When we found a way to fit them into the video, it was a really accomplished feeling. We were such different people on that trip and yet, I guess not much has changed. What we ended up with was a visual representation of the moments that make up a great trip.”

“Lately” is from Lionel Boy’s latest EP Who Is Dovey?, which is out now.