Oli Fox Captures Screen-Crossed Lovers In New Video “Player 2”

2020 romance

Photo: PR courtesy

Through multiple screens and social platforms, Oli Fox captures 2020 love in his latest video “Player 2.” It’s a quirky video that playfully captures our desire to stay connected with our partners through the glaring displays. Directed by Laura Manners, “Player 2” was shot during lockdown in Scotland and also features his girlfriend Bow Anderson. Hit play:

“I had the idea of using all the platforms that people have been using in isolation, such as Zoom, House Party, Tik Tok and Instagram to keep in touch with their loved ones and their friends,” he added about the new video, “I thought how cool it would be to film a home-made performance video through my laptop to show this new perspective of a lonely lover in quarantine reaching out to his Player 2, to hope that she gets the message. It was a lot of fun to shoot, though a bit strange to have your house become the set.”

Everything in life is strange right now.