Abbie Ozard Shares Her Ethereal Morning Routine In “TV Kween”


Photo: Charlotte Rudd

Bleached with ethereal waves of coastal pop, Abbie Ozard’s “TV Kween” heightens our imagination to dreamy dimension as the gal explores insecurities. The video, directed by Charlotte Rudd, features Abbie Ozard engaging in her morning routine filled with chromatic cereals and lots of dancing. Enjoy:

On the new single, Abbie shared: “It’s a song based around insecurities, and constantly aspiring to be someone other than yourself. I feel like there’s a load of girls out there constantly comparing themselves to others. Specifically the tune talks about loving someone but not feeling good enough for them, and dreaming that you’re someone different (which we shouldn’t be doing btw!!!)”

“TV Kween” is out now via LAB Records.