Caius’ “All My Love” Is Disco On Fire

Time to hit the 70s/80s era

Photo: Artist courtesy

Photo: Artist courtesy

Danish artist Caius takes us to 70s/80s dancefloor with his latest single “All My Love,” a banger that takes you swirling into the night. Characterized with airy synths and blazing samples, “All My Love” washes you with nostalgic waves with blood-rushing tempo. Time to groove on:

On his new single, Caius shared:

“Since the beginning of my career I’ve always been fascinated by the bricolage aesthetics of French Touch, so throughout the last year I’ve been collecting small 80s and 70s samples from hundreds of vinyls, putting them all into one folder on my desktop. ‘All My Love’ came alive one day when I started collecting a bunch of these pieces. By matching keys and and time stretching, the track was build up like a puzzle of old pieces. In the end it got glued together with live bass and drums.”

Caius is currently working on his new EP, so stay tuned.