Eades’ Debut EP ‘Microcosmic Things’ Is Out Now

New Wave x post-punk

Photo: Sam Wilde

Photo: Sam Wilde

Leeds-based Eades have released their debut EP Microcosmic Things, a five-track record filled with post-punk, new wave, and indie rock elements that yield a breezy euphonic odyssey. There are existential lows and highs where the quintet navigate through the darkest and most vulnerable corners of our psyche as they arrive to a more self-loving, comfortable place. Enjoy:

Speaking of the EP, the band shared: “Making the EP was a massive learning curve for us. Deciding to do a small collection of songs as opposed to a run of singles meant that we had to do something somewhat coherent. This made us think a lot about our “sound”. Thankfully because we self-produced it (which was a learning curve in itself) we managed to use the production to glue it all together.”

Harry Jordan (Vocals and Guitar),Tom O’Reilly (Lead Guitar), Jof Cabedo (Drums), Dave Lancaster (Bass), and Dan Clifford-Smith (Synths and Percussion) are the masterminds behind Eades. Stay tuned for more news from the quintet this year.