Glassio’s “One Of These Days” Is Self-Love Steroid


Photo: Rachel Cabitt

NY-based artist Glassio dismisses awful humans and encourages us to practice self-love in his new single “One Of These Days.” It’s a sanguine dance piece that has shades of melancholia underneath as Glassio reflects back on the painful memories of being bullied but celebrates in finding more self-acceptance. Enjoy

“I wanted to write a song that could help people who have felt bullied or silenced. Something that could serve as a hopeful, dance-y and optimistic song about feeling accepted whilst getting their message across. Like most of us, I’ve had the misfortune of knowing some pretty awful people in my life. This song is about all of them and me wanting to break away and fully accept myself for who I am.”

The track is from his upcoming debut LP For The Very Last Time, which will be out on July 23rd.