Hovvdy’s “Runner” Is An Ode To Being Wild & Free…And Good Parental Advice


Photo: Johnna Henry & Mallory Taylor

As we live in the age of social distancing, Hovvdy (Charlie Martin + Will Taylor) pay homage to being wild and free in their latest single “Runner,” a fuzzy and delicate indie piece where the duo evoke nostalgic memories of childhood. The track is also an ode to parental advice where Martin sings in a fatherly tone, “you say take your time / don’t give it away / don’t give it up.” Hit play:

“Runner draws from memories of my childhood in Dallas – the spirit of running around as a kid with an amount of freedom that would probably be considered unsafe nowadays,” says Martin of the new song. “It also unpacks the dynamic of an absent parent who nonetheless gives good advice. We need both positive and negative influences in life, I think.”