If You’ve Been Mocked By Birds, Here’s Astral Swans’ “Bird Songs”

Let’s face it – they have a better life than us right now

Photo: PR courtesy

Canadian artist Astral Swans dissects the weird ways we engage in self-sabotage in new single “Bird Songs.” The track is buoyant, hazy piece that was born when Astral Swans was taking a walk around the park and felt like the animals were mocking him…we all had those moments. Especially now, birds seem to be having the best life:

“I penned this song while on tour in Europe. Walking through Amsterdam’s Vondelpark right before Christmas, I was alone, underdressed, and submerged in depressed self-loathing. The lyrics are the imagined paranoid heckling of the animals within the park of my mind. They mock me and the reality I have brought upon myself,” shared Astral Swans. He further continued, “‘Bird Songs’ captures losing something special by your own hand, slowly and almost methodically, out of some terrible instinct of warped, misguided self-protection. In the song, I contrast these dark themes against an upbeat melody, exploring the absurdity of human behaviour.”