Lara Taubman’s ‘Revelation’ Is A Therapeutic Folk Record

Folk Americana

Photo: PR courtesy

NY-based artist Lara Taubman shares her own therapeutic journey of growth and rebirth in her new record Revelation, a nine-track collection of folk Americana that channel a raw melancholia filled with hope. “Revelation is about my journey to heal through making music. Following a call to begin singing five years ago led me to a series of fortuitous events that created this album. Music always saved me, now I hope to return the favor,” she shared.

Lara starts off with the moody opener “Sound of Heartbreak” where the glimmering violin entangles you in a narrative of human pain. In “Desert Boy,” Lara tones down on the melody and swings between loneliness and hope. “I know one day you’ll find your way back home,” she sings.

“The Conversation” is a country soundscape that captures the longtime affection between two people that share the same warmth no matter how far they’ve been apart. In “Heartbreak Garden,” Lara takes a dreamier approach where the strumming guitars channel a cheery sadness. “I live in heartbreak garden / It’s my destiny, it’s for me,” she chants. The following piece “Hookup” takes on a more bluesy and even poppier trajectory as she questions the authenticity of a relationship.

In “Cold Side of Spring,” the violin caresses the first few seconds before the guitars gallop over the soundscape as the gal starts narrating a story of a woman restarting. “Akurei” is a laidback piece that is filled with longing smeared with nostalgia. The most gut-wrenching part of the record arrives at “Snakes In The Snow” where Lara explores the desire for freedom over an acoustic melody. The final piece, “Revelation,” is a breezy track where Lara leaves us with the heartfelt message of practicing self-love and the self-empowering knowledge that we can do better.

Originally from southern Virginia, Lara has been singing since she was a child. She majored in Cultural Theory in graduate school and has worked as an art critic and curator. As of now, she runs a small farm where she uses a barn as a space to make music and host performances. Revelation was released via Wolfe Island Records and Continental Record Services on July 10th.