Serpent Servant Slave’s “Whatchu Doin’ Wanting More?” Industrial Indietronic Marvel

Time to rock out mindfulness

Photo: PR courtesy

Photo: PR courtesy

Serpent Servant Slave, the new project of Jesse Smith (Zao, Gods, Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost) and Breyer White, rocks out mindfulness in their new single “Whatchu Doin’ Wanting More?” It’s an industrial indietronica piece slashed with the edgy blades of rock’n’roll and smeared with subtle gothic tones. The video features the duo performing in a dim loft space that feels straight out of a thriller or horror film:

Speaking of the single, Jesse Smith shared:

“I like to leave the interpretation to the listener, but for me personally the song has dual meaning: It’s about the power of will & intention, as well as accepting the present moment and maintaining presence; whatever the situation. I wrote it at a time where I was pushing for a lot of change, but at the same time losing sight of what was already in front of me. It’s easy to forget the simple gifts of existence….our vibratory energetics craft our reality.”

“Whatchu Doin’ Wanting More?” is from the duo’s upcoming debut album Headless, which will be out on July 31st.