Theresa Lucia’s ‘Boxes’ EP Is A Portrait Of Heartache, Love & Urban Life

Alternative folk

Photo: PR courtesy

As a modern city inhabitant, Theresa Lucia shares her own experiences dealing with heartache, family, self-growth, and equality in her EP Boxes. It’s a five-track journey that is influenced by Theresa’s own ever-changing home – she has been hopscotching among New England, New York, and South West Florida, which has largely influenced her view of home and relationships.

The opener, “Boxes,” is an anti-category anthem where Theresa’s embraces her individuality and refuses to be restrained. It’s an acoustic piece where Theresa’s hypnotic vocals capture the restlessness of our generation and serves as a tribute to our own distinct personas. Through pulsing strings and swelling synths, “Shake The Tree” throbs with nostalgia that shuffles through memories of young love and family.

The gal takes on a more heartaching tone in her next single “The Text,” where she croons for the absence of someone. “There’s stillness in my bedroom now that you’re not by my side” she sings. The most ambitious track is “Pacifier,” a groovy soundscape that calls for action. The first few seconds channels a quiet, dark intensity that quickly gets replaced by the foot-stomping beats as Theresa’s crispy vocals call for equality. It’s a marching anthem where the guttural choruses and edgy orchestration capture our current political and cultural atmosphere.

“By now I’ve gone weeks without you / I bet you thought I’ll be falling apart” croons Theresa in her final track “Roll With The Punches.” It is a soul-rooted track where Theresa pays homage to the city, which serves as a healing space for her. As Theresa claims “I could go miles without missing you” the gal switches the power dynamics, turning this into a self-empowering moment. With this final note, Theresa wraps up Boxes – a record where she encourages us to reflects back and at the same time, move forward.