Chris Wills Is In A Relationship With His Subconsciousness In “Carry You Home” Ft. Doe Paoro

The best kind of relationship

Photo: PR courtesy

Photo: PR courtesy

Chris Wills teams up with Doe Paoro in new single “Carry You Home,” an indie folk piece that reminds you of your subconscious love with yourself. It’s a chill, Zen-like anthem where Chris and Doe capture the irreplaceable chemistry that exists being always emotionally available for yourself. This is what we call eternal love:

On the new single, Chris shared:

“I interpret it as this other part of me, call it your subconscious, your higher-self, whatever you want to call it, taking a moment to sing a love song to me. To keep on, to not give up and to be gentle yet unbending with myself. Make friends with me and trust in the process. It was saying, ‘We’re going to be together for a long time so let’s be friends, okay? Let’s set aside all the pretending and even when things seems impossible and failure imminent, continue to be you no matter what.’ Then having a female vocalist on the track added a whole new dimension to it.”

You can never have enough me-love.