Her Songs Give Us 2000s Vibes With “Just My Luck”

R&B pop

Photo: Malthe Milthers

Global female collective Her Songs take us back to early 2000s with their latest single “Just My Luck.” It’s a laidback, R&B piece layered with English, Spanish, and French lyrics that are weaved with delicate strings and smokiness. Largely influenced by music from 90s-2000s, “Just My Luck” is a futuristic vintage melody that pulls every Millennial/Gen Z nostalgia:

Speaking of their collaborative project, the gals shared:

“The idea of Her Songs is to show what can be achieved in a short amount of time with some basic gear, a handful of femme songwriter/producers, a videographer and a tight budget. We want to normalise the image of a woman in the producer chair, and break some unspoken rules in the industry about the process of making and releasing music. This EP is our way of showing that writing doesn’t have to always be exclusive and secret, it can be collaborative, open, inclusive, and light hearted too.”

The track is from their upcoming EP Toronto Vol. 2, which will be out on August 14th.