Party With Mermaids In Rome In Reverse’s “Coralline” Ft. Sun Glitters


Photo by Valeria Franci & edit by Victor Ferreira

Rome In Reverse teams up with Sun Glitters in new single “Coralline,” a sun-kissed anthem of ambient pop that immerses you into the laidback trance. Fueled with propulsive synths, “Coralline” is a hypnotic piece where the glimmering basslines and chest-swelling trance inject you with summer bliss. Enjoy:

On the single, Rome In Reverse shared: “It’s natural for me to immerse myself in a landscape while I produce music. ‘Coralline’ is the perfect way to explain how I feel at that moment, and what I see in my conscience. Who better than Sun Glitters, with his ambient sounds accompanied with downtempo beats, to take me to that mental place. A dive in a deep blue ocean, breathless while hearing the call of the mermaids (the choir in the track) and surrounded by beautiful coral.”

“Coralline” is out now via Telavivi Records.