Baby Queen Captures The Pains Of Being The Involuntary Partygoer In “Buzzkill”

When get forced to socialize

Photo: PR courtesy

Baby Queen, the solo project of Bella Latham, nails down our mood when we are forced to party but feel depressed in her new video “Buzzkill.” It’s a quirky, buoyant anthem sweetened with plenty of artificial ingredients of pop and peppered with the edgy sparks of grunge that leaves you with a cheerfully sad aftertaste. Hit play:

“The song is about being really depressed at a party, but feeling that you are, in a way, being coerced to be positive by friends who think you are a killjoy or a buzzkill,” Baby Queen explained. “I really wanted the concept of the video to mirror that. I think when you’re depressed, you’re very detached from reality and incredibly apathetic, so everything around you is impersonal, which is why I wanted to use people’s hands as opposed to their full bodies or any show any other identifiable parts of them. The concept is built around the manipulation of me by the hands, which are completely choreographed and quite surreal. I really wanted the viewer to feel disconnected from everything but the lyric and the central performance.”

Raised in Durban, South Africa, Baby Queen is currently based in London and broke into the scene with her debut single “Internet Religion” earlier this summer. With more music on the way, the gal will be invading your eardrums soon.