flyckt Bares His Vulnerability In New Video “Instant Gratification”

Carnal, dark, and raw

Still from flyckt – Instant Gratification (Official Music Video)

Stockholm-based artist flyckt bares both his physical and emotional vulnerability in new video “Instant Gratification.” Influenced by his own experiences of breaking up with his former band Urban Cone, the track navigates the tsunami of uncertainty and depression that one gets inundated with in the aftermath. The track is a delicate electropop piece that has dark tones embedded within the techno layers:

Speaking of the influence behind the track, flyckt said:

“After the breakup with my band, dealing with chaos and being generally unstable and confused, I started thinking about happiness. I think it’s impossible to be happy without love. But I also believe self-fulfillment is a big part of happiness. Instant gratification is a song about things I’ve been doing wrong. It’s about me and people’s urge to have more, and the struggle to find balance. I believe balance is key to happiness. It’s a song about being patient, and investing time and love into whatever you want to do with your life.”

On the video, Director Sofie Skoog explained:

“Visually we wanted to recreate the feeling of vulnerability and desperation thats in the music. No filters. The urge of instant gratification. Rasmus was so brave to embody this feeling. He is naked in more than one way in the video.”

The track is from flyckt’s upcoming debut EP Instant Gratificiation pt.1, which will be out on August 28th via Humming Records.