Postcard Boy Explores Teen-Adult Transitions In New EP ‘Limbo’

Growing up is hard

Photo: Charlie Alexander

San Diego artist Postcard Boy, aka Garrett Seamans, explores the ambivalent state of transitioning into adulthood in new EP Limbo. It’s a six-track canvass made up of hip-hop, indie, punk, and electropop puzzles that make up the picture of an early 20-something adult that swings between nostalgia and heartbreak. Enjoy:

On his EP, Garrett shared: “Limbo was written in the summer between high school and college, this project stems from the anticipation, longing, and confusion generated during transitional phases. I was just trying to make sense of it all and talk myself through that time. Writing and making this music was a very therapeutic process in a way. Now I’m realizing there are so many limbo periods throughout life where these sorts of feelings reoccur.”