Tempesst Taps Into The Dangers Of Self-Preservation In “Mushroom Cloud”

A very emotionally hazy anthem

Photo: Gyorgy Laszlo

London-based quintet Tempesst taps into the controversial nature of self-preservation in intimate relationships in their latest single “Mushroom Cloud.” From bad decisions to excuses, “Mushroom Cloud” illustrates the toxic extent we’re willing to go in order to keep someone on our side. Through glimmering guitars and silent synths, the track lifts you into an airy state of reflection:

“‘Mushroom Cloud’ was the first song that we completed on the album and it set the tone for a balance of familiarity, the element of surprise and the weighty dark topics that I wanted to explore,” recalled Toma. “‘Mushroom Cloud’ isn’t my story, though. I found it easier to write this song as a confession from the perspective of the antagonist. It’s equal measures apology, justification and threat, the kind of confusing grey area that only exists within intimate relationships. It’s love that becomes all-consuming and suffocating. It’s that destructive primal default buried deep within each of us. The Saboteur present in every moment of regret…that will do or say anything in an attempt at self-preservation.”

The track is from their upcoming debut album Must Be A Dream, which will be out on September 30th.