As You Shuffle Through Your Ex Photos, Play 0171’s “Photograph”

The greatest guilty pleasure

Photo: William Spooner

London-based duo 0171 captures one of the greatest guilty pleasures of life in their new track “Photograph.” We all had those moments where we sort through old images of our ex and even indulge in some of the memories. “Make me unsure and small / Ghost of my memory” chants 0171. There is a haunting air that permeates the soundscape as the stuttering synths deliver a hypnotic rush of lonely nostalgia:

“Photograph is inspired by looking at a photo of an ex,” the band said. “A photo that records a moment when everything seemed perfect, but now it’s a lie, and it makes you feel strange, like you can’t really remember who you were in that photo, when you loved that person. Like a life that never happened. We’ve all picked up old photos like that we find in our bedroom, that make you sit down and feel sad for a time that is lost, even if you don’t regret the relationship ending. I’m (Joe) definitely someone who spends a lot of time thinking about my past, and the feelings that I’ll never get back. Georgie’s there in this song to tell me to get over it ffs.”

The track is from their upcoming EP Change Nothing, which will be out on August 14th.