Chladny Admits That Staying Cool Is Hard In “Can You See It On My Face?”

Crippling anxiety beneath coolness

Photo: PR courtesy

Chladny gives us a puppet show in their new video “Can You See It On My Face?” Visually, it’s a playful film that is artsy and at the same time, makes you feel like a child again. On the other hand, the track addresses the complex and often painful art of looking cool while dealing with anxiety. Adulting is hard:

On the single, the band shared: “‘Can You See It On My Face?’ is about all the ways trying to play it cool and keeping your head up can weigh you down. It considers the feeling of wondering if those around you are aware of your problems and placate you, which can ultimately get in the way of your healing.”

Chladny will be working on their next full-length album soon, so stay tuned.