IJALE Address Micro Aggressions In New Single “Hotlines”


Photo: PR courtesy

Melbourne-based artist IJALE address the micro aggressions that he has faced growing up in his latest single “Hotlines.” Through breakneck intensity, IJALE delivers both the pent-up frustrations and self-empowering unity that he shares with his close friends. Moreover, all Bandcamp proceeds for “Hotlines” will be donated to Australian Muslim Social Services Agency (AMSSA). Stream below:

“’Hotlines’ is based on an idea I had of having a hotline or helpline that Black people and other people of colour could call to vent and process the microaggressions they experience in white spaces on a day to day basis. Usually, there is an undercurrent of racism and biases that will suture itself to most interactions between white people and non-white people, whether it is apparent to the former or not, and sometimes the unconscious bias that this brings can cause friction that is only evident to those with the awareness to pick up on it. These instances can be small or innocuous, but in a broader scope, these small instances of discrimination can compound and affect those who bear the brunt of them quite considerably.”

The track is from IJALE’s upcoming debut EP Wildly Disparate Sounds, which will be out on July 31st.