The Bright Light Social Hour’s “Enough” Is A Psychedelic Trip To The 70s

Psychedelic rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Austin-based quartet The Bright Light Social Hour gives us a steady, sparkling rush of bittersweet synths in new single “Enough.” Graced with elements of 70s rock, “Enough” is a kaleidoscopic piece that takes you on a buoyant cruise to the corners of your mind. There is a soothing melancholia within the soundscape that absorbs your imagination immediately – it’s like you’re getting sucked into it like watching a bright screen at 3am in the morning:

The track is from their upcoming album Jude Vol.II, which will be out on August 28th. The record was written after the band experienced the tragic loss of their manager Alex, who took his own life after battling with bipolar disorder. “This was all happening as we started the record,” shared band member Jackie, who is also Alex’ brother. “Not all the songs are about Alex, but I think even the ones that aren’t all have a bittersweet mix of overwhelming beauty and terrible loss. The music deals with the ripples it caused in all of our Lives.”

Stay tuned for more news from the band in the upcoming weeks.