Favours’ “Memories” Is Your New How-To-Stay-Alive Anthem

Dream pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Toronto-based duo Favours takes us into sonic stratosphere with their latest single “Memories,” a chest-swelling anthem buoyed by airy percussions. Layered with cascades of synths, “Memories” sends a message of perseverance and survival through all the struggles that life sends you. It’s a self-help anthem that gives you the right amount of badassery to ace any unexpected shitstorm:

On their new single, the band shared: “Lyrically, it’s an ode to surviving; the first verse repeats throughout the song, issuing an introspective self-help mantra.  The lyrics are meant to be powerful in their assurance to the listener, that life will get better so long as you keep waking up and pushing forward.”

“Memories” is from their upcoming debut EP Made To Wait, which will be out on August 7th.