Human Love’s Debut EP ‘Black Void’ Is Out Now

A cinematic sonic journey

Artwork: PR courtesy

LA-based quartet Human Love has released their highly-anticipated debut EP Black Void today. Co-produced by Sonny DiPerri, Black Void is a four-track journey that delineates the band’s sonic evolution fueled by their own personal transitions, musical influences, and cinema works. Enjoy:

On the record, the band’s Emile Mosseri shared: “The whole EP was a dream to make. It was the child of many years of exploration and us relocating from New York to LA and finding ourselves again musically out here. I always love when you hear a piece of music and it feels like a film. Like if you were to close your eyes and listen to it you could conjure some cinematic landscape. It’s been cool to see film music and bands bleed into each other over the years and not sit squarely in their separate lanes. Some of our favorite bands have big grandiose theatrical elements to their music, and some of our favorite film scores were written by people that play guitar and come from the ‘band world.’ We were super excited to blur those lines with our first Human Love EP Black Void. Hope you enjoy.”