Joesef Drops New Single “I Wonder Why” Ft. Loyle Carner

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Joesef joins forces with UK hip-hop artist Loyle Carner in new single “I Wonder Why.” It’s a moodily sultry piece where Joesef meditates on losing someone and experiencing the ups and downs that comes with overcoming it. Steam below:

“Sometimes I don’t know how I feel till I write it down and this seemed to be one of those times.  I think I was avoiding addressing that I was a bit fucked up at the start of the year because of a situation, so this tune sort of put a line under it. It’s about losing someone and going through the motions trying to shake the thought of them not being around anymore.  It’s still pretty heavy to handle for me sometimes, but I do love it,” Joesef said. “I never work with anyone at all but my mates and I are Loyal’s biggest fans so it was a real dream come true to be able to hear him on a song I’d made, and to hear his lyrics and how he interpreted it in his own way.  He’s really is up there with the best for me, and he’s a complete gent to add so I’m buzzing with how it’s came together.”