Tungz’ “Go Out” Is An Indie Funk Break From Routines

Routines can be unhealthy

Photo: Cameron Nicoll

While most of us grow up listening to the importance of routines, Bristol-based quartet Tungz defies that concept in their new single “Go Out” where they remind us that engaging in such repetitive pattern can be exhausting. For all of us who have fallen into such habits, “Go Out” is built on syncopated layers of shimmering synths that inject an airy of wooziness into our brains, letting us embrace change and even abandoning whatever lame routine that isn’t working for us. Change is good:

On the single, vocalist and songwriter Nicky Green shared: “Jamie (Maier) and I spent 8 months sofa surfing and sharing rooms while we were looking for a place and saving money to move to London. Because we were moving around so much the song ended up being written in 4 different places. I wrote it as a conversation with myself. It’s about carrying too much weight in your soul without realising and getting exhausted with a routine that’s no good for you.”

“Go Out” is available now via Heist or Hit.