Best Frenz Capture Our Apocalyptic Norm In New EP ‘30% Off!’

From quarantine existentialism to friendships

Artwork: Kamtin M.

Best Frenz is the collaborative project of Joywave’s Daniel Armbruster and Sir Sly’s Jason Suwito, who seem to be really good friends (according to social media). The duo just dropped their latest EP 30% Off! and it’s a groovy wonderland of four breezy tracks that brush over your eardrums like eider ducks’ feathers. Thematically, the EP navigates through the existential corners of our new norm where things are far lonelier.

The ominous opener “Ugly Ending” kinda nails our present mental state as we live in a canceled state and wistfully imagine pressing the forward button to meet the ending of this weird period (which is equally doomed). In “Get Strong,” the duo addresses the weird symbiosis of anxiety and hope in our minds as we spend our days making a bucket list of everything we’ll be doing once the apocalypse ends. “Pressure Cookin” goes out to a friendship that has taken an irreconcilable-differences turn and there isn’t much to do aside from expressing affection in the past tense. The final piece “30% Off!” epitomizes America in the Covid era – a tragic and messy reality where people are panicking about their mortalities while others are finding opportunities to commercialize on the ongoing fear. 30% Off! is an EP graffitted with existentialism adjusted to the new norm, a quiet quarantine chaos that sits on the edge of life and death.