Cate Soundtracked Your Hot Mess Living Situation In “Pity Party”

When your room is also the living room

Artwork: PR courtesy

London-based, Canadian artist Cate soundtracked a messy, unsaid part of young adulthood in her latest single “Pity Party.” We’re talking about communal living situation here, where you move out of your parents house and live with other people for the first time….and your bedroom is vaguely the living room of the apartment too. In Cate’s case, she moved to North London with producer Cian Ducrot (Darkroom/Interscope) and fellow Vancouver songwriter Tessa Mouzourakis. Produced by Ducrot, “Pity Party” is a comical depiction of such unprepared transition and the thrills along with the gazillion problems that come with it. Like how your so-called adult diet resembles your 6-year-old diet of Lucky Charms. Or how you keep drinking your life crisis down until your liver slides out of your body. Or not having water…it’s okay, you’ll eventually figure it out after getting ghosted by your landlord and going through five pre-recorded messages before reaching a representative at the Department of Water. Cheers to throwing pity parties in your bedroom-kinda-sorta-also-living-room:

“Pity Party” is from Cate’s upcoming EP Love, The Madness, which will be out on September 25th.