Mute All The Ear-Grinding Gossip With Dead Pony’s “Sharp Tongues”

Some words don’t deserve your ears

Photo: Daniel Blake

Glasgow’s post-punk maestros Dead Pony are back with another single “Sharp Tongues,” a knockout piece filled with gauzy percussions and razor-sharp riffs that address gossipers. Through bursting beats smeared with anger and STFO attitude, Dead Pony silences all the toxic words that certain individuals love to inject into our eardrums. Hit play:

On the single, frontwoman Anne Shields explained: “‘Sharp Tongues’ is written about those people who absolutely grind your ears. Those people who are hellbent on spreading gossip and starting rumours. They are so unfulfilled with their boring lives, that to add a bit of spice they rely on stirring the pot and starting shit with people. I bet everyone had at least one-person spring to mind after reading that – and that is who this song is about.”

“Sharp Tongues” is out now via LAB Records.