The Irrepressibles Share Video “The Most Beautiful Boy (Strong Outside A Man, But Inside A Boy)”

A journey of love, identity, and masculinity

Photo: Savvas Stavrou

The Irrepressibles have unveiled their latest video “The Most Beautiful Boy (Strong Outside A Man, But Inside A Boy),” directed by Savvas Stavrou. It’s a cinematic video that explores one’s own journey of love, sense of self, and masculinity while pushing the boundaries of our imagination. Watch below:

On the single, Jamie Irrepressible shared: “When you grow up as a man you move on from your boy-self with what is expected of you in society, and in the pursuit of strength. However he is always there, within. At moments your partner sees him, and in deep love gets to know him.

‘The Most Beautiful Boy’ is about when in a powerful homosexual love, his inner self is the pure part of himself you fall in love with. It’s the person you wish to protect. These parts of you connect in a playful friendship of joy, innocence and vulnerability, through the openness love encourages. It’s about the profound sadness of letting go of this part of him, and how he deeply sees you, when your relationship ends. How you heal the trauma you experienced as a homosexual man through your deep love. How it heals the hopes, fears and dreams of your inner child in a way that rewrites your story to give you confidence in who you are.

You look up to him, he is your best friend, he loves all the parts that weren’t loved -and so you fully immerse yourself in acceptance of who you are. He has shown you the light, so when the relationship ends you move on with him in your heart as if you were best friends as children. It’s about healing and accepting this inner child, and continuing to take care of him.

It’s about how love never dies; it transforms, but there is always a place in the wastelands of your dreams of the two of you.”

The track is from the band’s upcoming record Superheroes, which is out now.