Milo Gore’s “Noise Gone Dancing” Is For All The Wrong Relationships


Photo: Fred Ellis

UK artist Milo Gore gives us the perfect love song for all the wrong relationships out there titled “Noise Gone Dancing.” It’s a track that explores the emotions and unhealthy dependency that two people share and while thematically it’s a hefty one, “Noise Gone Dancing” is a treat hat slides you into the dancefloor with a dose of doomed romance:

On the new single, Gore shared:

“‘Noise Gone Dancing’ is a song about two people who chose to love one another, rather than finding a love for themselves. Leading on from my single ‘Green Eyes’, a song about learning to dance on your own again, this next single felt incredibly fitting. There was so much untamed, unmanaged madness from us both, yet at the time, this erratic relationship was everything to me. Hindsight is such a beautifully cruel thing. The main thing I hope people take from this song is the importance of learning to accept yourself, before you look to love another. A line I learnt while in rehab… ‘A drowning man cannot save another man from drowning.’”

The single is from his upcoming record How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living?, which will be out on August 20th.