Port Cities & Emma-Lee Bring The Ex Zone To The Party In “I Still See You At Parties”

Cheers to all those awkward encounters

Photo: PR courtesy

If there’s one thing that quarantine has spared us from is reducing the chances of running into your ex incarnate…unless you live with your ex. Now that’s awkward. Port Cities and Emma-Lee join forces in capturing that awkward run-ins with exes in their latest single “I Still See You At Parties.” Through upbeat midtempo, the three nestle you in the ambivalent emotional state of seeing your ex in a party…and it’s kinda uncomfortable:

“We were aiming to capture the feeling of running into an ex-lover who you have a complicated past with but we wanted to approach it in a light-hearted way,” explained Port Cities. “‘I Still See You At Parties’ recognizes that there are always lingering feelings when you see each other in person after a relationship has ended.”

Someone invent an app that helps to reduce ex encounters.