Tedadore Addresses Out Dilemma With Stability & Excitement In “Cooped Up”

Indie rock

Photo: Chris Chaput

There’s a complicated relationship we get thrown into during adulthood – stability and excitement. Nashville-based artist Tedadore addresses our never-ending struggle in having both of them in our lives in new single “Cooped Up.” It’s a mid-tempo, indie rock song that hovers over the dreamy atmosphere as Tedadore gives us a steady dose of calm and rush:

In his own words, the song “is about the restlessness that comes from long, hot summer afternoons in your 20s and lives in the tension between stability and excitement, two themes I wrestle with as I navigate early adulthood. The song begins with the sound of nature and a sample of an old meditation tape simply saying ‘quiet, comfortable, and relaxed,’ but builds to a triumphant climax that celebrates the uncomfortable in-between that I most often find myself in.”

Check out the video below: