Ailbhe Reddy Takes A Bite Into Broken Communication In “Between Your Teeth”

Alternative folk

Photo: Ciaran O’Brien

Dublin-based artist Ailbhe Reddy sinks her teeth into broken communication in her new single “Between Your Teeth.” Built on shimmering strums and echo-drenched choruses, Ailbhe nestles us into the emotionally-torn and repressed state we fall into when we can’t express ourselves. But despite the connotative frustrations of the theme, “Between You Teeth” is a warm fuzzy melody that takes you on a smooth, midtempo flight:

“It’s about the frustration of being unable to communicate in a relationship”, detailed Ailbhe. “Both people hold things back because they either don’t want, or don’t know, how to express themselves. While travelling alone, I always spent a lot of time thinking too much about past conversations and wondering what words were being held back between another person’s teeth.”

“Between Your Teeth” is from her upcoming debut album Personal History, which will be out on October 2nd.