Sody X Cavetown’s “Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?” Is For Modern Overthinkers

When you stare at the ceiling non-stop

Photo: Blackksocks

Sody and Cavetown join forces in new single “Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?” an emotionally charged single filled with chest-swelling ambience and burning choruses that takes us to the abyss of overthinking. It’s dark, romantic, and numbing at the same time as Sody and Cavetown capture the ambivalent essence of overusing your brain. Stream below:

On the single, Sody explained: “‘Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?’ It’s when you’re staring at your ceiling at 4am looking for answers and wondering what someone is thinking. It’s when you write paragraphs to someone over text but then delete it and respond ‘I’m okay’. I imagine so many of us are experiencing this in isolation which unites us all!”

Cavetown added, “I love the lyrics and production of this song so I was excited to work on it. I don’t typically write songs like this so it was intriguing to dip my toes into a track that had a bit more of a pop vibe. Getting to know Sody throughout the process was a major bonus as she’s super cool and fun to work with!”