Meet The Alfie Templeman Version Of Mario In “Things I Thought Were Mine”

A family-friendly adventure

Still from Alfie Templeman – Things I Thought Were Mine YouTube

UK artist Alfie Templeman introduces us to his own version of Mario in his latest video “Things I Thought Were Mine” where we see him maneuvering his way through the 2D world of floating squares, cereals, deadly spiders, and Rat King. Directed by Katia Kush, it’s Alfie’s own take into the iconic game that we invested a good chunk of our lives playing – and it was worth every second:

On the video, he commented: “Huge pro-gamer move. This ones for people who like Mario! The song itself kinda sounds like the Wii tune so it’d be wrong not to have a video based on a Nintendo game. It’s-a-me Alfie Templeman!”

And let’s not forget to appreciate his gamer’s face when he faces the Rat King:

The track is from Alfie’s latest EP Happiness In Liquid Form, which is out now via Chess Club Records.