E^ST Chronicles Her Rise From Hot Mess To OKish In New Album ‘I’M DOING IT’

Alternative pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Aussie artist E^ST shares her journey of rising from the ashes of hot mess – aka heartache, existential crisis, etc. – to a more OK version of herself in her debut album I’M DOING IT. It’s a 13-track odyssey where E^ST toys with elements of contemporary pop by adding her own twists. Hit play:

“It’s about where I’m at right now, and that’s ever-changing,” explained E^ST. “If anything, it’s about who I’m becoming. The first half of the album is all about being a heartbroken mess as your life falls apart, and it’s wallowing in that with no effort to make sense of it. I mean you need to have a wallow — it’s crucial. They’re still dealing with sadness and heartbreak but there’s a conscious effort to do better and be better. The album takes on an optimistic tone as I grow as a person. By the end, the album’s like: it’s okay, I’m getting by, I’m coping.”