IJALE’s ‘Wildly Disparate Sounds’ EP Is Out Now

A breakup record

Photo: PR courtesy

Melbourne artist IJALE has unveiled his latest EP Wildly Disparate Sounds where he shares his own breakup journey. Built on a mixture of jazz, soul, R&B, and hip-hop, the record showcases IJALE dexterity in crafting his own sound. Overall, it is an intimate portrait of IJALE’s heartbreak where he covers both the high and low points of leaving someone:

On the EP, IJALE shared:

Wildly Disparate Sounds is an in-depth portrait of my life and the overarching issues that pervade it. Two years in the making, it is comprised of abstractions and retellings of experiences that have changed me in ways I’m still discovering to this day. Without intending it, the EP is undoubtedly a breakup record and shows in great detail the vast array of emotions I felt during a turbulent relationship with a toxic partner. A lot of the songs on the project were written during this time, so in a way, the project is an exercise in making sense of what went down and why.  As it always has, the colour of my skin has helped shape my identity and my perspective of the world at large, and through the making of this project, I have discovered how my run-ins with racism and discrimination have shaped my ability to deal with trauma, trust wholeheartedly, love deeply and deal with intimate forms of betrayal.”