Junodream’s “Easy Life” Is For All Of Us Who Are More Active Online Than IRL

Your ultimate laziness track

Artwork: PR courtesy

UK quintet Junodream addresses the ultimate sin of our digital era in new single “Easy Life,” a brain-massaging canvass smeared with hues of post-rock and psychedelia that tap into our laziness and anxiety to engage with reality. As we get more sucked into the new norm, we get more sucked into our online persona and start delaying reality. It’s kinda unhealthy:

On the song, the band detailed “‘Easy Life’ is fundamentally about laziness and insecurity. Actively alienating yourself from the real world. Social exhaustion and anxiety can drive people online and there’s a safety in doing that, although you can inadvertently alienate yourself from the real world.  You put on a different skin online and easy validation will follow if you’re willing to betray reality. But the music has a darker undertone to it. How easy do you want it to be, before it consumes you completely?”