Ruti Drops New Breezy Single “Closer To You”


Photo: PR courtesy

UK artist Ruti gives us a warm R&B piece to chill for endless hours this summer titled “Closer To You.” With Ruti’s sweet vocals soaring over the neo-soul production, “Closer To You” melts with a laidback euphoria that brushes you with its smokiness.  “I had the guitar riff for closer to you saved as a voice note for literally months, I was just completely stuck for concept and lyrics. Then I brought it up in a session one day and everyone really vibed with it and we wrote to it so easily. It feels like ‘Closer To You’ has been on it’s own little journey but I love where it is now and can’t wait to share,” the gal commented. Enjoy:

“Closer To You” is from Ruti’s upcoming EP, which will be out later this year.