Caro Covers Modern Entertainment & Disaster In New Video “Cat’s Pyjamas”

From utopian cereals to latest annihilation

Photo: PR courtesy

Leeds-based trio Caro break down modern entertainment – including latest tragedies – in their new Szymon Wyrzykowski-directed video “Cat’s Pyjamas.” Lyrically, the song explores mental health issues of loneliness, paranoia, suicide, self-hate, and introversion while using an upbeat melody that sounds like it’s concealing those hefty emotions – just like the ads you see on TV selling you the image of perfect happiness. There’s a brief interlude of a disastrous breaking news that breaks the flow of the picture-perfect commercials, which highlights the way we try to hide our own problems that eventually end up slipping out:

Speaking about the song, frontman Adam Pardey detailed, “To me the song serves as a way to get those thoughts out of your head. When we play it live and get a room full of people to sing and clap along it helps combat the loneliness that often perpetuates those feelings. As the wise sage Shrek always says; ‘Better out than in.’”

“Cat’s Pyjamas” is from the band’s debut record Burrows, which will be out on September 25th.