Sody x Cavetown Illustrate The Art Of Overthinking In New Video “Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?”

It’s a dreamy nightmare

Still from Sody, Cavetown – is your bedroom ceiling bored? (Official Video)

After teasing us with the single “Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?” last week, Sody and Cavetwon return with the official video for it where they take us into the world of overthinking, vulnerability, and isolation. Directed by Samuel Douek, it’s a dark and intimate look into those moments quiet moments in our room when our minds are racing incessantly while the world around us seems to be stagnant. Hit play:

“I’m so proud of this video and loved working with Robbie and the director, Sam. I love how we’re experiencing the same thing but in our own bedrooms and it really brings the song to life.” explained Sody.  Cavetown added “This video concept is stunning and was so well executed. The stillness of the scene combined with the dream like rotation of the set I think captures perfectly that feeling of isolation, longing, and circling thoughts as you lay in bed at night.”