T Truman’s “Rock’N’Roll” Is An Eulogy To A Bygone Era

Rock your tears out

Photo: Dane Falkstrom

T Truman, the solo project of The Vaccines keyboardist Timothy Lanham, pours his heart out to his favorite genre in his new single “Rock’n’Roll.” It’s a piano-fueled piece that brings back the swagger of 70s while also channeling the modern heartache of seeing such genre wither. “This song is a tear I’m shedding for the genre of music I’m in the business of making. If I was around in ’73, I’d be a raging success,” shared T Truman. The video, directed by Timothy Heinrich, captures T Truman performing in the shadows – hit play:

“Rock’n’Roll” is from T Truman’s upcoming debut EP Born To Be Right, which will be out on September 25th.