Novaborn’s “My Lane” Is Your New Self-Ode


Photo: Artist courtesy

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Novaborn defies the outside voices and celebrates one’s own value in new single “My Lane,” an emotionally-charged anthem that sends frissons blazing down your spin. “It’s a song about defiance. About self-worth and moving past the opinions of others,” shared Novaborn. It’s a midtempo piece that is characterized with poppy hooks that are accompanied with mellow moments. But the sweet ingredient of the track is his voice that stretches in a pitch-perfect fashion:

Darrell Cram is the maestro behind Novaborn who has been making waves across the media recently (he was BBC Scotland Songwriting Finalist last year). “My Lane” is from Novaborn upcoming EP Thots About U, which will be out later this year.