Goth Babe Captures The Joys Of Surfing In “Moments / Tides”

Go surf

Photo: PR courtesy

Goth Babe takes us on a breezy trip into the waves of atmospheric strings and bouncy synths in his latest single “Moments / Tides” where the maestro captures the joys of riding the ocean waves. It’s an upbeat piece that boxes you into a cathartic moment of pleasure channels his coastal love. Enjoy:

On his new single, Goth Babe shared: “‘Moments / Tides’ is a song I wrote at the beginning of the surf season here in Oregon. I’d been away from the coast for half a year due to weather and building my tiny casa. I’d forgotten how much life and clarity being in the ocean gives me. I’m hopeful that through the song and video, people can get a taste of what it’s like gliding over the water.”

Aside from surfing, Goth Babe is an avid snowboarder, rock climber, and vagabond.